Creating a Niche in Voice Over as a Beginner

It is a common thought that by trying to learn many things, you give up mastery of any. Same applies in the voice over industry especially for beginners. Although some Voice talents are versatile with their voice, and can voice in more than one genre which opens them up to more opportunities for work. This is not so for beginners.

There are several genres in voice over and each genre has its unique technique. The easiest part to mastery and professionalism is finding your niche and developing it

“A niche is a group of customers or a market segment you intend to target and sell to based on your voice type, skill set and personal interests.” Susan Beckley.”

To find your niche you must first consider yourself a product. To effectively do that, you must identify the voice over genre you are most talented in, the one that comes natural to you. You must then develop it to make your product competitive for the desired market. This will help you focus more on clients that needs your type of voice.

Here are a few questions that can get you started.

Do you know the genres in voice over?

What kind of script comes natural to you?

What kind of script are you enthusiastic about?

Are you a good story teller?

Finding answers to these questions could help you identify your niche.

When you find your niche and effectively develop it, you will realize how trilling and easy voice over can be.