At NVBPRO (Nigerian Voice Bank Production), production is a blend of imagination, creativity, innovation, modern tools and passion.

The Core Elements of a Good Voice-over

At Nigerian Voice Bank, we are a team of creatives, giving life to every script and production adding value to every company that collides with us.

IVR IN Nigeria

At the Nigerian Voice Bank, we have fixed the issues of IVR production in Nigeria with our 3 step approach of Translation, Voicing and Production.


We don’t just pride in our pool of professional voice over talents both offline and online but also in our world class production, post production...

Poor Diction Kills Radio Commercials

Low budget is not synonymous to poor standard hence It is wasteful to place commercials with poor diction on air.

Voice Casting and Radio Commercials

If you cast wrongly, the production will take a longer time, cost more and may eventually not achieve the aim


Demystifying voice over for beginners

Creating a Niche in Voice Over as a Beginner

When you find your niche and effectively develop it, you will realize how trilling and easy voice over can be.

Voice Over Artists in Nigeria

We have been privileged to work with some of these great acts on some local and international projects

Nigerian Voice Over Talents

Nigerian Voice Bank has been created to provide professional voice over services for both

Thank you

We want to thank our friends, customers and team members for a largely successful year

Nigerian Voice Conference - Press Release

Register for a seat at the Nigerian Voice Conference, Lagos. October 30 - 31

Nigerian Voice Conference - Lagos

The aim of the Nigerian Voice Conference is to see the Nigerian voice move to other creative forms of voice usage


Who exactly is a voice over artist? A voice over artist is simply a person who reads a script. These scripts may be for Television or Radio,

Voice Over Practice Scripts

Here are some voice over scripts, we hope you will find them interesting and useful for your practice.

Voice Exercises: Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters are group of words difficult to articulate rapidly, usually because of a succession of similar consonant sounds

Voice Over Script Reading Tips

Hope you are getting better in your voice acting. I want to share five voice over script reading tips I picked up from an article of J.C Haze

FAQ: what is the Nigerian Voice Bank About?

www.nigerianvoicebank.com is an online platform that connects Nigerian voice over artist to companies that needs them

6 Things to do before you record your 1st voice demo.

Investing resources into making a voice demo when you have no skill or training can sometimes be a disaster

Nigerian Voice Bank Contact Center Data Bank

We are very excited to introduce to you another innovative product from the Nigerian Voice Bank, the Nigerian Voice Bank Contact Center Data Bank.

Voiceover Genre

For every voice over beginner, it is important to understand your voice, only then will you be able to tell what genre of voiceovers.

The face behind the voice: Genie in Alladin

Robin McLaurin Williams is an American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian and the voice of Genie in the popular movie Alladin.

Press Release

The remarkably growth of the Nigerian media and entertainment industry in the past 10 years coupled with its gradual growth in advertising