I was driving home with my wife when this ad came through for the second time (I won’t mention name and brand for obvious reasons).

We spent the time correcting some wrong pronunciation and wondering who approved this ad.

The interesting thing is that we didn’t remember the name of the product or the call to action but we still remember the obviously flawed diction.

When you use a voice over artist with poor diction to represent your brand, you give any or all of the following impressions, that your product/organization is inferior, you are not a professional organization and or you are not credible.

Instead of educating, informing and persuading people to take a certain favorable action, you end up irritating your potential customers.

Low budget is not synonymous to poor standard hence It is wasteful to place commercials with poor diction on air and the argument of saving cost is unwise..

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Be wise, spend rite

Chukwuemeka Onunkwo

Creative Director, NVB