For every voice over beginner, it is important to understand your voice, only then will you be able to tell what genre of voiceovers you will do better at.

Before you can effectively deliver a script, you must understand the script, the genre, and the target audience.

By the way, the word genre is just another way to say category or type

Below are a list of voiceover genres you can choose to showcase your vocal skills in other to get the kind of gig you want.

You will also find samples of different genres here on the voice bank, find time to listen.

Voiceover Genres

Radio Drama  Voiceover Commercials  Video Games  Jingles  Announcer  Narration  Audio Books  Instructional & Training manuals  Cartoons and Animation Productions  Movie Trailers  Promotional  Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)  Impersonations/Accents

In subsequent days, we will talk about recording a voice demo but you should know now that it makes sense to pursue the style or genre most marketable for your voice, that way it becomes easier to deliver a script at auditions and get more gigs

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